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The India tech scene in 59 quick slides

A very well rounded summarization of the Internet, and Mobile growth opportunities in India. Also, I feel a much of growth in India, especially rural India is stymied due to the Indian languages not well supported on browsers in general and Mobile phones in particular. Hope the likes of following will gain more popularity in coming days


Brain, Tracks and Mercedes


Tracks series:

Garry Tan on Designer Humility

A humble designer is one who affects no change indeed. Designers should be less humble. When engineers or business guys or management or *anyone* makes a product lousier, they should get up and shout, and raise hell. Designers should NOT ‘know their place.’ Because if the powers that be keep their power, then we will continue to live in a barely working cesspool of compromises and bad experiences.

Apple wins because the guy who cares the most about user experience happens to run the show. And last I checked, humble wasn’t really a word you could use to describe him.

Posterous co-founder Garry Tan has bid adieu to his startup and is heading to Y Combinator, where he will serve as design advisor, guru and designer-in-residence to web-startups.
Here is a quote from a designer who love to code and draw boxes, and helps and inspires other people to code and draw boxes.

Design and Food

IKEA’s take on a baking recepie book. Done as part of branding, or rather as a natural connect to the kitchen appliances supplied by IKEA.
Beautiful looking pics despite not knowing the names of most of them, had a very satiating experience….I’m hopeful that our own Samosa, Jalebi, Appam and punugulualso receive this love and attention.

Yes, Design does make a difference, and it could be edible!


We let ourselves be inspired by high fashion and Japanese minimalism. The idea of the book became to tone down the actual cake and put the ingredients in focus. The recipes are presented as graphic still-life portraits on a warm and colorful stage. And when you turn the page you see the fantastic result


Delight and Joy

When a simple object is reinterpreted to create a whole new meaning, and actually makes sense in usage while giving a message, and having fun at it!

The Leaf tie is easy to use. It is simply used in the same manner as the cable-tie. All you have to do is wrap the Leaf Tie around the loose cables. The design of the Leaf tie makes the cables look like wrapped twigs. For young children or people that live in the city that tire from the artificially modern environment, the Leaf tie can for a short while let them experience a hint of nature.
– description from the Lufdesign site

Now it may actually look insignificant when you look at the array of cables and the cable management solutions that promise to solve all those problems for you. But then, the simplicity, and the delight it brings cannot be mistaken. There are many a products that works fine, and there should be more product that should make you smile. This does!
As Don Norman says about Visceral Design, “Visceral design is what nature does, it is biologically prewired! Visceral design is about how things look, feel and sound – the world of blue skies and apple pie” and the leaf ties fits like a T there. And yes its only $7 a pack, and profits made from this product are used to benefit causes for ecology campaign.

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A picture is worth…

Was looking up on the happenings in open-source domain, and while there is lot of inspiring work available, its still somewhat rare to find new things concerning a Database. Introducing a Database, and with what flair!
Chanced upon the MongoDB, checked their presentation on slideshare….with this introduction slide as above, who wouldn’t want to?

And no, even such an upfront and agreeable persona comparison is not going to lure me into to labyrinth of any kind of DB, am comfortable being a ‘user’ here. But if it may interest the UX guy in you, you may check the presentation and the MongoDB site an an example of making things simple, in a simple way…. and yeah, the MongoDB site runs a very properly styled confluence. On Information Architecture side, it still seems not able to outgrow the out-of-the-box confluence tree though.

Just to keep perspective, the related technology sites by dear old Apache are couchdb and jackrabbit. hmmm, the intro slide is indeed a telling example of how to reach out as a fresh, differentiated and unique offering in an otherwise technical domain. A WOW!.

When the technology sites/presentations start looking this good, its very omnious sign, and a challenge for so called simpler sites to improve.
check the presentation at slideshare here. The details at