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Why one should not write English just after a session of writing code. Or be very careful with the Title Case of the word processor.


Errors, thy appearance is deceiving

On Posterous

While trying to set a custom domain. and yeah, that’s about it!

“There was an error” and no other information. Thank god its in red so it really emphasizes the “Error” part, but without any helpful tip about what might have gone wrong, its as useful as a sipper for a fish.

Then there is FourSquare
While trying to add a place, it keeps prompting for a subcategory

Oh, but where?

It tell on second try

So, there was an additional box, so I give a category, then there is error again!

So, try again

now, we’ve three options

so that looks like complete right?

No its not! it still prompts for another category.

Admittedly, if you try this from the home page interface, it gives the options seamlessly and allows you to add multiple sub-categories without any pop-up alerts.

Then there is that lazy programmer of course

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LinkedIn’s relation with browsers : complicated

Seems like LinkedIn is having some (temporary?) problems with Firefox 3.6.10 and Google Chrome 6 (stable)!
It serves a code only view in these browsers – see screen-shot.

On Firefox 4 Beta, and host of other browsers- it comes just fine.
(don’t know on IE8 and other Google Chrome releases)

Windows XP Fail

More often than not, XP crashes, and thank God for Windows 7 for that!
now, one of the most annoying crashes ever encountered was while changing the wall-paper…

Nokia PC Suite

Download now or preview on posterous

NokiaUsability.pptx (1676 KB)

The inappropriate use of very familiar icons, for very familiar actions resulting in a very very confused message.
Reason being the familiarity of actions suggested/rexpected being radically diifferent from the the icons used. The icons are familiar- but for different use in a different context.

Glad that Nokia discontinued this, and introduced OVI suite – a better designed but equally bloated software suite!

Lazy Programmer!

The God Damn Exception while doing a Find in Files on Notepad++