I’m a designer with expertise in business requirement analysis, user study, usability testing, design thinking methodologies, creative problem solving, establishing standards and guidelines, brand-development, and almost all technologies related to web applications.

I enjoy working with technology, design and anything related to web.


I strongly believe the maxim that a good product is just not what is seen at the surface or the UI, but is actually the experience that permeates every single touch-point for the user- from the semantic code, seamless interaction, self-evident information architecture, to pleasant colors and the impression that lingers afterwards. And I consider myself lucky and privileged to have opportunities to design for most of these touch-points first hand, and strive to make most of the learning off it.

Oh, an yes, by the buzzword jargon business terms compliance > Interaction Design, UX, Design Management, RIA, Product Development, and Experience Architect are the terms identified with my professional activities.


Currently working as User Experience Architect at Cordys and leading the UX activities at the Cordys Center of Excellence at Hyderabad. My responsibilities include helping the Cordys Clients, Partners and Sales team to formulate the solution strategy. My area of work mostly deals with conceptualizing, ideation and development over the RIA framework, web-based Business UI Modeler, Business Process Modeler and Collaborative Development Suite of the Cordys Business Operations Paltform.


Anything related to Design, philosophy, getting-it-right-on-web and general discussion about design-values, business and design will appeal to me on any given day.

If you get stuck with me at airport, train, bus or even in an elevator, expect to have lot of munching time of your own while listening on about how “X” thing came about, and, how it’s given attributes can be improved for better contextual and usage fit and so on etc. Just in case these don’t interest you, you are most welcome to deprive me of your company, or be analyzed with the other artifacts at the public place 😉

This blog is an attempt to organize my thoughts, be a commentary, be a diary, an address on web, a digital abode and generally a channel for reconnect. All things here are just my personal musings, and are from personal perspective. For my work related thoughts and opinions, you are welcome to join the Cordys community.

When not busy with the design related work, I can be mostly found reading a new book, taking long drives, getting interesting frames to click and trying to figure out ways to solve sudoku under 5 minutes.


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