Errors, thy appearance is deceiving

On Posterous

While trying to set a custom domain. and yeah, that’s about it!

“There was an error” and no other information. Thank god its in red so it really emphasizes the “Error” part, but without any helpful tip about what might have gone wrong, its as useful as a sipper for a fish.

Then there is FourSquare
While trying to add a place, it keeps prompting for a subcategory

Oh, but where?

It tell on second try

So, there was an additional box, so I give a category, then there is error again!

So, try again

now, we’ve three options

so that looks like complete right?

No its not! it still prompts for another category.

Admittedly, if you try this from the home page interface, it gives the options seamlessly and allows you to add multiple sub-categories without any pop-up alerts.

Then there is that lazy programmer of course

and what’d you do about such errors


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