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Influence and Popularity

As seen on Facebook, an interesting contrast to highlight the difference between Influence and Popularity.



Garry Tan on Designer Humility

A humble designer is one who affects no change indeed. Designers should be less humble. When engineers or business guys or management or *anyone* makes a product lousier, they should get up and shout, and raise hell. Designers should NOT ‘know their place.’ Because if the powers that be keep their power, then we will continue to live in a barely working cesspool of compromises and bad experiences.

Apple wins because the guy who cares the most about user experience happens to run the show. And last I checked, humble wasn’t really a word you could use to describe him.

Posterous co-founder Garry Tan has bid adieu to his startup and is heading to Y Combinator, where he will serve as design advisor, guru and designer-in-residence to web-startups.
Here is a quote from a designer who love to code and draw boxes, and helps and inspires other people to code and draw boxes.

Tron concept designer doesn’t like reality

In a Wired article about the movie Tron: Legacy, accompanying an image of the stunning design for the movie’s light cycle (see picture above) I found this quote by its designer, Daniel Simon, who previously designed cars for Volkswagen and Bugatti. He found creating vehicles for Tron: Legacy a ‘liberating experience’:

“You have no idea how many limitations there are in real world car production, things like safety and marketing,” he says. “On screen, you can make some magic happen — you don’t have to think about Tron airbags.”

It made me smile. Here’s one designer who really doesn’t like the restrictions of designing for the real world, but wants to make ‘dream designs’. I’d say in Hollywood he’s in the right place.

Quite right!
Design is when fantasy meets the real life- with all its trappings.