Weekly Notes and links

Weekly Notes and links Collectibles from the week that was

A Quote
From a slide deck by founder of Fusion Charts – Pallav Nadhani – and good to have it as a reference [look up slide 33 of the presentation]

Geek Talk

Indian News Sites (ToI and Rediff)

  • As if the famous online manifestation of the Indian National Mood — ‘The Rediff comments’ were not enough; As if the fully Indianised and masala version of youtube, gmail, and all assorted online services was not ehough (not that the services are not remarkable in their own right, That job Rediff has done well)
    Recently they’ve started a feature where you are asked to follow a event or a story in the collaborative way! Only downside is the ads and teasers that appear on the home and the main pages. They acquire altogether different meaning in some cases – sample this

    Am sure nobody in right mind will follow the story as highlighted for their merit- sleaze and curio value may be a reason to click for some.
    If this is what comes across from one of the premier and dynamic portal like Rediff, ahem! sorry no more MyPages.


  • Then, the TOI got its long overdue image overhaul to be more like contemporary websites, Nice(er).
    And an additional web edition called Times Crest, this required Facebook signup- Are the days of premium news in India nearby?

The days!

  • Nov 11 –  World Usability Day. Multiple locations in India.
    Launch of Texavi; Rave Technology Event at Mumbai
    UXFundamentals- the first edition of conference and seminar at Chennai.
    Arrk Solutions event at Mumbai
    iNautix Technologies event at Chennai
    Bangalore and Hyderabad are missing in action from the map. (though there is a McFee event listed at Bangalore, it does not figure in the ‘Events by Country’ list at the World Usability Day site)
    And no Google doodles for the World Usability Day.
  • Nov 13 – Birth anniversary of writer Robert Louis Stevenson. And a nice Google Doodle for the same
  • Nov 14 – Children’s Day in India, as this is the birth anniversary of the first prime minister on India Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru (the global Children’s Day happens to be on Nov 20, the date on which UN general assembly adopted the Declaration of the rights of Child).
    This day’s Google Doodle is by Akshay Raj of Mangalore
    On second thoughts, probably this is only event where India is proactively ahead by 6 days compared to rest of the world, and since about 60 years. Its an achievement in itself if you’d come to think of it.

  • And talking of achievements, there is a Test Match being played in Hyderabad, and the master-blaster Sachin Tendulkar is expected to reach his 50th Century anytime! Fingers crossed.

Overall, had an interesting and eventful week, and also diverse issues — coming back from holiday, warming up to office work after long vacation, and change of programs, issues, confusions, last minute change of travel for the conference, last minute developments, and lots of reading and discussions in between. Some of them noteworthy to be jotted down and shared.

With this  the weekly retrospection format of blog post explored for the first time. Which is another way to justify my procrastination of downloading-sorting-optimizing the photographs from the Hyderabad-Indore Road trip taken at the time of Deepavali vacations, coming up in next post perhaps.


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