Crafting an experience

Of late, its quite a fashion to cite “craftsmanship” as a selling point (especially if you’re in the camp of people who think using terms like “USP” is very 90’s).
and, its amazing to see anything that is done thoughtfully to be passed off as crafted….and to get out of that zone, here is something to look at as examples of craft -in context of a sale-able, commercial product with the right pitch and having an online presence.


Firstly, both are pretty ordinary objects from day to day life. And by ordinary it means that they’ve been commoditized to an extent that it’ll be very rare to find any mention of them in any VC or startup meetings, or any business models being discussed about them.
Yet, what they achieve as products is extraordinary- and this is the exact reason these two figure apart from a long list I’ve just looked-up on dear old Google and the adolescent Bing.

While Saddleback Leather Company explains in very detail about the making of the bag, the materials used, and even the family, pets and fascinating anecdotes from the owner’s POV, it promises a warranty that itself explains the thought, labor and the pride put into crafting such a thing. 100 years! with the exception of shark-diving, being trampled by elephants or crocodile bite.
Also noteworthy is the “Rivals” section, that has a list of all the competitors and the links to their site – quote from Saddleback Leather Co. site

Do you think that our competitors would actually put a link to our website on theirs?  I’m so confident that you’ll find our classic look and over-engineered durability so hard to resist that I want you to shop around.  Go ahead… the more you shop, the better we look.

And while at it, look at the amazing explanation about the leather and the things that go into its making.

About the Axe, the Best Made Company has a wide range of …. Axes (and a few more and related things) to offer! and the approach is summed up as

Best Made Company was founded on the principle that a well made object can enlighten, entertain, and inspire. Everything we sell is simply “the best made” product we can make or find. We first offered the oldest and most primitive tool known to mankind (the axe), and have since branched out into a wide and wonderful selection of equally inspired tools, apparel, art, and objects to spark the imagination.

It is worthy to note that both the companies have a very passionate founder, a very committed ‘vision’, focus on expertise and excellence rather than mass-production or popularity- and both happen to have good online presence.
The last one is crucial element, as I was searching for similar Indian products, and so far have come up with none worthy to mention…well still looking up.


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