A picture is worth…

Was looking up on the happenings in open-source domain, and while there is lot of inspiring work available, its still somewhat rare to find new things concerning a Database. Introducing a Database, and with what flair!
Chanced upon the MongoDB, checked their presentation on slideshare….with this introduction slide as above, who wouldn’t want to?

And no, even such an upfront and agreeable persona comparison is not going to lure me into to labyrinth of any kind of DB, am comfortable being a ‘user’ here. But if it may interest the UX guy in you, you may check the presentation and the MongoDB site an an example of making things simple, in a simple way…. and yeah, the MongoDB site runs a very properly styled confluence. On Information Architecture side, it still seems not able to outgrow the out-of-the-box confluence tree though.

Just to keep perspective, the related technology sites by dear old Apache are couchdb and jackrabbit. hmmm, the intro slide is indeed a telling example of how to reach out as a fresh, differentiated and unique offering in an otherwise technical domain. A WOW!.

When the technology sites/presentations start looking this good, its very omnious sign, and a challenge for so called simpler sites to improve.
check the presentation at slideshare here. The details at http://www.mongodb.org/.


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